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The Rolling Ball Sculpture, also known as a RBS, is a celebration of engineering, physics, and creativity. The curving tracks capture the eye and guide the imagination. The steady, mechanical ball-lifting mechanisms stimulate the mind and promote problem solving. The rythmic sounds soothe the soul and create environment.

There are many reasons to want a Rolling Ball Sculpture in your environment. Maybe you wish to welcome visitors to your company headquarters, or entertain guests while they wait in a lobby. Rolling Ball Sculptures can be used to educate an audience, or pacify children. Whatever the reasons, a Rolling Ball Sculpture will always create a centerpiece for the enhancement of the environment.
What keeps me excited about building the sculptures is the look of amazement and wonder on people of all ages as they stare into the display. This picture of The Mechanical Engineering Demonstrator is typical of the reactions people have when they first view a RBS. They can't get enough. Even today, people make special trips through the lobby to catch a glimpse of the sculpture.

The "Sculpture Profiles" section gives specific details about each sculpture, including larger pictures and high quality videos. The section "About My Rolling Ball Sculptures" takes a more in-depth look at each of the main aspects of my sculptures. After viewing the videos and browsing the site, please contact me and let me know how I can help you realize your creative vision.
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